Natalie Pool

Program Coordinator, AIRCH
Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing
Research Interests: 
  • Care of Vulnerable Populations
  • Health Disparities
  • Patient-Nurse Relationships
  • Cultural Safety Training for Nurses
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • American Indian Law and Health Policy

Clinical Expertise:

  • Acute care adult surgical-oncology
  • Acute/outpatient care adult and pediatric post-anesthesia unit
  • Outpatient endoscopy/gastrointestinal suite
  • Acute care adult and pediatric medical-surgical
  • HIV/AIDS Education and Community Health (U.S. Peace Corps, Namibia '04-'06)
University of Arizona/Tucson, Arizona PhD
Regis University/Denver, Colorado BSN
Honors and Awards: 
2016, Outstanding Dissertation Award, University of Arizona College of Nursing
2016, Outstanding Advanced Degree Award, University of Arizona College of Nursing