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01 (M)

American Indian Perspectives on Disability

Similarities and differences between Indian and non-Indian attitudes about disability are analyzed by the authors, who also discuss the impact of these differences on the provision of health care for the American Indian disabled.

Jennie R. Joe, Ph.D
D.L. Miller, D.S.W
1987 32 $15.00
02 (M)

Traditional Indian Alliance: Delivery of Health Care Service to Arizona Indians

This survey evaluates health care needs of urban Indians in Tucson, Arizona, and the capacity of the city's urban Indian health care clinic to meet these needs. An in-depth analysis of patient records over a three year period was conducted to determine patient use, and randomly selected patients were interviewed to determine patient perceptions of services. This needs assessment study provides original data about availability and use of services in an urban Indian health clinic.

Jennie R. Joe, Ph.D.
D.L. Miller, D.S.W.
Narum, R.N., M.Ed.
1988 67 $15.00
03 (M)

Government Policies and the Disabled in American Indian Communities

After an excellent review of the history of the relationship between federal legislation and Indian rights, the authors analyze the impact of P.L. 93-638., and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act on Providing education and health care to disabled American Indians. 

Jennie R. Joe, Ph.D.
Carol Locust, Ph.D.
1989 34 $15.00
04 (M)

American Indian Concepts of Health and Unwellness

The basis for the videotape of the same title, this monograph represents ten fundamental concepts about the relationship between health and spiritual beliefs common among North American Indian tribes, and provides interesting comparisons between Indian and non-Indian approaches to health.

Carol Locust, Ph.D. 1986 25 $15.00
05 (M) Hopi Indian Concepts of Unwellness and Handicaps Carol Locust, Ph.D 1987 43 $15.00
06 (M) Apache Indian Concepts of Unwellness and Handicaps Carol Locust, Ph.D 1987 43 $15.00
07 (M) Yaqui Indian Concepts of Unwellness and Handicaps Carol Locust, Ph.D 1987 47 $15.00
08 (M) The Piki Maker: Disabled American Indians, Cultural Beliefs, and Traditional Behaviors Carol Locust, Ph.D 1994 25 $15.00
09 (M) Diabetes in Native Americans: Stress and Coping
Paul H. Skinner, Ph.D.
D. Silverman-Peach, M.A
1989 30 $15.00
10 (M) Review of Treatment Strategies for Native American Alcoholics: The Need for a Cultural Perspective Robert Young, Ph.D. 1987, rev. 1994 27 $15.00
11 (M) Diabetes and the American Indian: A Review of Current Treatment Strategies Robert Young, Ph.D. 1987 42 $15.00
12 (M) Luiseño Diabetes Beliefs and Practices Diane Weiner, Ph.D. 1996 43 $15.00
13 (M) The Indianization of Alcoholics Anonymous Marie-France Lisette Womack, M.A. 1996 54 $15.00